#include <pbbam/Accuracy.h>
class PacBio::BAM::Accuracy

The Accuracy class represents the expected accuracy of a BamRecord.

Values are clamped to fall within [0,1].

Constructors & Related Methods

Accuracy(float accuracy)

Constructs an Accuracy object from a floating-point number.

This is not an explicit ctor, to make it as easy as possible to use in numeric operations. We really just want to make sure that the acceptable range is respected.

Accuracy(const Accuracy &other)
Accuracy(Accuracy &&other)
Accuracy &operator=(const Accuracy &other)
Accuracy &operator=(Accuracy &&other)

Public Functions

operator float() const

Accuracy as float primitive

Public Static Attributes

const float MIN

Minimum valid accuracy value [0.0].

const float MAX

Maximum valid accuracy value [1.0].