#include <pbbam/PbiRawData.h>
class PacBio::BAM::PbiRawReferenceData

The PbiRawReferenceData class represents the raw data stored in the “CoordinateSortedData” section of the PBI index.

Constructors & Related Methods


Creates an empty data structure.

PbiRawReferenceData(uint32_t numRefs)

Creates an empty data structure, preallocating space for a number of references.

This constructor is recommended as this is the safest way to ensure that references without observed mappings are included in the final output.

PbiRawReferenceData(const PbiRawReferenceData &other)
PbiRawReferenceData(PbiRawReferenceData &&other)
PbiRawReferenceData &operator=(const PbiRawReferenceData &other)
PbiRawReferenceData &operator=(PbiRawReferenceData &&other)

Raw Data Containers

std::vector<PbiReferenceEntry> entries_