#include <pbbam/QNameQuery.h>
class PacBio::BAM::QNameQuery

The QNameQuery class provides iterable access to a DataSet‘s records, with each iteration of the query returning a contiguous block of records that share a name.

There is no random-access here. It is simply a sequential read-through, grouping contiguous results that share a BamRecord::FullName.

The name is not ideal - but for legacy reasons, it will remain as-is for now. It will likely become something more explicit, like “SequentialQNameGroupQuery”, so that the name “QNameQuery” will be available for a built-in query on a QNAME filter (or whitelist). This will make it more consistent with other queries (ReadAccuracyQuery, SubreadLengthQuery, ZmwQuery, etc).

Inherits from IGroupQuery

Public Functions

QNameQuery(const DataSet &dataset)

Creates a new QNameQuery.

  • dataset: input data source(s)
  • std::runtime_error: on failure to open/read underlying BAM files

bool GetNext(std::vector<BamRecord> &records)

Main iteration point for record access.

Most client code should not need to use this method directly. Use iterators instead.