#include <pbbam/CompositeBamReader.h>
class PacBio::BAM::SequentialCompositeBamReader

The SequentialCompositeBamReader class provides read access to multiple BAM files, reading through the entire contents of each file.

Input files will be accessed in the order provided to the constructor. Each file’s contents will be exhausted before moving on to the next one (as opposed to a “round-robin” scheme).

Contstructors & Related Methods

SequentialCompositeBamReader(const std::vector<BamFile> &bamFiles)
SequentialCompositeBamReader(std::vector<BamFile> &&bamFiles)
SequentialCompositeBamReader(const DataSet &dataset)

Data Access

bool GetNext(BamRecord &record)

Fetches next BAM record from the .

true on success, false if no more data available.